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                                                                           Jayne shooting in Colorado           

My photography is about relationships … connections in all aspects of human, animal, and environmental life.  My images capture the essence of the relationships that I observe and experience. 

I have a special passion for photographing animals.  It began thirty years ago with the first of my six incredible dogs, and burgeoned into a professional business with my stallion, Amador.  You can meet Amador, Phoebe and Mr. Bear in images that I have scattered throughout these pages.

Animals develop strong connections to other animals, their people, and their environment.  Their connections may be diverse, influenced by trust, need, comfort, habit, protection, camaraderie, and love.  I have had the good fortune to experience and photograph many animals in my life.  These include pets, ranch and farm animals, and horses in the wild.  I actively seek out these opportunities. 

I photograph pets on location, in their favorite places doing whatever it is that they love.  It might be snoozing on the green couch by the window or it could be digging to some foreign land at the beach.  I look for unique expressions and actions.  Owners provide me with valuable insights into their animals' daily lives.  I photograph pets with their people whenever possible. 

My eye is always ready for a spectacular image to arrive.  Texture, color, shape, and light are integral in my work.  I approach pet photography with the same attention to detail that I give to my fine art imagery.  jmsphotoimagery.com  showcases limited edition prints and news about my exhibitions and awards.  Both sites are updated regularly. 

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